Our Approach

Our vision is to bridge the gap between cultures through our global explorations, and candid discussions of our experiences. We are driven to galvanize genuine curiosity, and desire for millennials to travel, and to learn why and how to luxuriously do so on a budget.


Our Story

After taking a leap of faith, and successfully planning and executing our first extended vacation together, despite only knowing each other for a few months as work colleagues, we decided to acknowledge the sparks and go for the gusto.


Meet the Team

We're so different, yet the same. Being silly, and eating tapas after midnight keeps us magical.


Pinky Ruiz

Founder & CEO

Hi, everyone. I'm a unicorn, and an empath. Also, Trinidad is where my heart is.


Toriann Lumsden

Founder & CEO

Hey, y'all! I'm 27, of Jamaican descent, and languages fascinate me.

Where to Next?

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