It’s Not Your Finances, It’s You

There are myriad excuses that people use to pacify themselves with, to assuage the disappointment they feel, after lurking on their favorite Instagram celebrity’s page as he or she seemingly parlays un-bothered in sandy, tropical paradise. Coconut, umbrella drink in hand, over-sized shades, misted slightly with sweaty dew on perfectly sculpted abs. All the while enjoying picturesque sceneries fit for postcards. And you think to yourself, how the hell are they affording this expensive ass trip? She must have a sugar daddy, or he must be a trust fund baby. These lifestyles may very well be true for whomever you happen to be spectating on at the moment, but it isn’t always accurate, nor is it reason for you to dismiss your own deserving desires.

Take a moment to think of all the pointless things that you’ve spent good money on to date this year. Did you upgrade your perfectly intact iPhone to the newest model just because Apple released a new version,and you had to be a part of the hype? Did you cop those new pair of Air Jordan’s that, technically aren’t even new because Michael Jordan is a genius marketer,and just recycles the same styles every few years? How much of your check did you splurge on FashionNova on Black Friday when they kept texting the 80 percent off discount code? Think about all these trivial items that depreciate,and will never earn you any profit, nor add any significant value to your life.Now add them up, and subtract time wasted indulging in these frivolous activities,and there you have at least a one way ticket to somewhere you’ve never been.

The number one reason people say that they cannot travel is because it isn’t in their budget. They can’t afford it, or they have too much debt to even consider it. But the truth is actually on the contrary. There are deliberate actions you can employ and enforce to work for you towards securing your annual vacations. The first, and unwittingly, most important step in achieving the vacation of your dreams is to alter your mindset. As whimsical and abstract as that may sound, it is actually the foundation for which all of your endeavors stem. Our thoughts are things with electrical frequencies that can be measured. The universe is fully comprised of electrical emissions, and it is true that like attracts like. So if your thoughts are negative and downtrodden as it pertains to your travels, then that is what will always manifest. It really is as simple assaying, with conviction, “I will go to Iceland Spring 2019.” That new attitude will motivate your behavior now as you purposefully create opportunities for you to travel.

The most obvious action to take towards traveling is to save money. Beyond the spare change you receive back from small transactions, it is advisable to create a separate savings account specifically for traveling. Name it, bless it, and do not touch it under any circumstances. Set a fixed amount that will automatically be deducted from your paycheck, and deposited into that account bi weekly, or once a month. Be intentional with your actions, and the universe will respond helpfully.

Hopefully, you’ve been responsible with your finances thus far because for this next tip it will require you to be quite disciplined. Signing up for a travel rewards card with your favorite airline can save you money, and afford you even more points towards your airfare, which tends to be the brunt of all the expenses. Airline credit cards are designed to stack up miles quickly every time you use them.They often offer big bonus miles when you initially sign up to give you your first rewards flight sooner. However, these credit cards tend to have higher interest rates, and are typically recommended only if you will pay the full balance each month. According to Credit Karma, obtaining a travel rewards card generally requires good to excellent credit scores, so consider your personal credit standing before applying.

The internet is swimming with discount offers for airfare, transportation, accommodation, food and drink, and activities. Although you may be a novice traveler, that doesn’t mean you should make naïve financial decisions like booking flights and hotel stays directly on the carrier’s website. Subscribe to useful sites like Groupon, Trip Advisor, and an app, Head Out to search for things to do in your destination city. Use sites like Kayak, Expedia, and Google to compare airline rates. Hopper, an app, is also useful in watching fares, and predicting when prices are expected to rise or fall.

Packing light is an expert traveler move that is sure to save you time and money in the airport.Besides the security of knowing that all of your belongings will absolutely make it with you, going easy on the luggage can save you on average about $100 round trip in the airport alone. Consider that you may want to visit multiple cities while you are away, and on your last day in one city you want to do some last minute exploring before you head to the airport. But you had to check out of your lodging. Would you rather dish out extra cash on a luggage locker, or save and walk carefree with your carry-on? If you absolutely must check a bag,especially if you are traveling with someone, opt to share one and split the cost.

Thoroughly researching and planning ahead for your upcoming trip is not only fun, it’s imperative.Going anywhere unprepared, be it an hour away, or across the Atlantic, is sure to rack up a hefty bill. Cross all your T’s and dot all your I’s, because even when you do so, there is still room for the unexpected. Being extremely meticulous with you itinerary can afford you the opportunity to take advantage of sales,avoid ridiculous lines and secure tickets for high demand attractions, and become privy to places less visited by tourists, which have the same foreign sparkle without the price tag. In addition, planning your vacation gives you something to look forward to. It encourages you not to go ballistic at work when someone has eaten your lunch for the umpteenth time. According to research conducted by Cornell psychology professor Thomas Gilovich, and reported by the Atlantic, an online publication, “waiting for an experience apparently elicits more happiness and excitement than waiting for a material good.” “Experiences make people happier than do possessions,” says the Atlantic. Planning your trip ahead also helps with paying for everything. Instead of funding everything in one lump sum, which is not feasible for most of us, a sort of self-imposed payment plan can be implemented.

Anything you want to be or do, as long as you put your mind to it with real effort, will be yours. Stop finding excuses, and start using these tools as solutions. Comment where these tips have helped you go.

Walk well,