Travel is the New Balance

“Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts.” – Mark Twain

Our beautiful, diverse world has evolved in many ways throughout the last decade for better and for worse. Nonetheless, change is inevitable, and to fight against the current is like diving off the deep end, and skipping those daunting swimming lessons your mom begged you to take last summer. Although, the good of humanity seems to be quickly draining, and circling the toilet bowl with the infiltration of scripted, political antics, private institutions’ egregious, financial agendas on minorities, and disillusioned citizens who’ve been totally consumed with the ravaging nature of racism, there is a small percentage of people who have managed to maintain their sanity, and moreover nurture their benevolence with the escape of travel.

Welcome to Ticket Outta Town, a travel blog intended for you who are intrigued by the natural beauty of the world. You who are convinced that there is still at least a sliver of humanity, and curious to learn the cultures of the people who create the intricate fabric, which connects us. Here you will learn the pertinence of traveling, especially abroad, as it relates to shaping your mind and thought processes regarding social and economic interests. As a developing wanderlust, you will be equipped with the practical knowledge of traveling on a budget to the most coveted destinations, and you will always have the advantage of preparedness and insight regarding, sights, and events that you must absolutely indulge in.

This is an open forum for you who want to visit new places to acquire balance amongst the chaos of your everyday life, to cultivate compassion for your extended human family, and to live intentionally for yourself first. Send us your questions, tell us your opinions. Let’s unfold and unravel the tightness that has gripped the hearts of many, and squeezed the last bit of goodness from it. Travel is the new balance, and it can help to heal us back to health.

Walk Well,