What we did in Chicago

Before arriving in Chicago, there were plenty of typical activities we considered. But we also wanted to stray a little off of the beaten path, and the universe responded, like she normally does, with some extra, focused help from an Instagram page we came across, @ThingstodoinChicago. This page particularly excited us because of their unique list of holiday themed places and events, which were sure to keep our spirits high and entertained. An interesting list of traditional restaurants, casual bars, and stylish lounges are featured too.

The WNDR Museum, which we discovered on @ThingstodoinChicago page, was admittedly our favorite adventure,and it did not disappoint. Fully living up to our expectations, we marveled at all the art, and took every opportunity to take pictures. The exhibits were well organized, and someone was always standing within earshot to explain each one. We spent a couple hours enjoying the memorization each art exhibit enticed us with. The infinity mirror room was the grand finale, and although it was brief,as each visitor is only allowed one minute within the room, it was absolutely incredible. Created by artist Yayoi Kusama, Chicago is the first ever to display the pop art design at the WNDR Museum. It is certainly worth the visit, and they have tickets on sale through the end of the year.

Frosty’s Bar, also recommended to us by @ThingstodoinChicago, is a Christmas themed bar that had our jaws dropping from the moment we entered with its over-the-top holiday decorations,and its super flavorful specialty drinks. Twenty-five dollars each covered our entry,a Santa souvenir hat, and two drinks. That deal couldn’t be better if we found it on Groupon! Our drink of choice was the Cousin Eddie’s Eggnog, a tasty, whisky flavored holiday drink. The music was pumping, and kept everyone dancing and having a good time. Good vibes all night. Frosty’s would definitely make a memorable stop for anyone visiting Chicago around the holiday time.

We satiated our hunger for Chi-Town history at Millennium Park.Cloud Gate, popularly known as The Bean, is pretty much the centerpiece of Millennium Park. The public sculpture, which was created by British artist Sir Anish Kapoor, was erected between 2004 and 2006, and was nicknamed the bean because of its distinct shape. Just below the bean is the Millennium Park ice skating ring. We skated there for a couple of hours, and then enjoyed a delicious,spiked, hot cocoa.

Even if you’re scared of heights, please visit 360 Chicago (John Hancock Observatory). Ninety-four floors, 1632 steps up, 314 meters high, and 1030 feet high. You can just imagine the spectacular views we saw. There is also a window tilt for the extremely daring, but we chickened out. Perhaps next year we will find the courage to literally live life on the edge. The window tilt is Chicago’s highest, moving attraction. It accommodates eight people at a time, and overlooks Chicago while tilting outward. It’s perfect for thrill seekers and science junkies.

Chicago will definitely be seeing us again, especially since there’s so much that we didn’t get to experience. If you’re planning to visit Chicago, if you’ve lived there for a while, or just moved there, and you are interested in seeing the city in a new way, make sure to follow @ThingstodoinChicago on Instagram for updates and cool new features.

Peace, love and light,